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Welcome to Campground Commander! We’re thrilled to have you aboard. Please fill out the form as completely as possible with your campground information. The form saves to our database ONLY when you click the Save button at the end of the form. You don’t need to fill out everything in one sitting but we can’t begin building your website until we have everything in hand.

If you find that you don’t have all of the information available the first time you save, you can come back to this form and enter only the missing or updated information. Likewise, if you need to update something, just enter the updated information and we’ll use the most recent version of that information.

If you have any trouble or have questions about filling out the form, we’re just a click away.

    Step 1: Website Domain & Content

    Does your campground currently have a website?

    Do you own the domain?

    Is the information on the website current?

    Would you like us to use the copy as is or would you like our writers to rewrite it?

    Although all “copy” is generally rewritten, information from the current website helps us learn more about your campground in creating your new website. Can we use information from your current website on the new website?

    Do you want a popup box for Special Announcements to load with the website? (additional charges apply)

    Would you like us to register and purchase the domain for your website?

    [cf7mls_step cf7mls_step-1 “2. Header Section” “Step 2”]

    Step 2: Header Section

    Do You Have A Logo?

    Would you like Campground Commander to create a new logo for you? (additional charges apply)

    [cf7mls_step cf7mls_step-2 “1. Website Domain & Content” “3. Sidebar: Location & Contact” “Step 3”]

    Step 3: Sidebar: Location & Contact

    Do you have a printable campground map?

    Or upload it here.

    Would you like Campground Commander to create a new map for you? (additional charges apply)

    If you need help with your policies we’ve included a generic set to help you get started. Just click here, copy the text, edit it in your favorite word processor and paste it in the box above.

    [cf7mls_step cf7mls_step-3 “2. Header Section” “4. Sidebar: Dates & Hours” “Step 4”]

    Step 4: Sidebar: Dates & Hours

    [cf7mls_step cf7mls_step-4 “3. Sidebar: Location & Contact” “5. Sidebar: Amenities” “Step 5”]

    Step 5: Sidebar: Amenities

    [cf7mls_step cf7mls_step-5 “4. Sidebar: Dates & Hours” “6. Sidebar: Rates & Sites” “Step 6”]

    Step 6: Sidebar: Rates & Sites

    RV Sites

    Can a Tent be added to an RV site reservation?

    Tent Sites

    Does your campground have designated Tent sites?


    Does your campground have Cabins?

    Should guests call the office to reserve cabins?

    Can a Tent be added to a Cabin reservation?

    This section is essential for campers as it tells them more about your campsites. Please fill in the following in the spreadsheet below: electrical amperage needed, type of parking accommodations and longest and shortest length of camper/RV each site allows.

    You may also upload a spreadsheet (.csv or .txt) with all of the rate and site data.

    [cf7mls_step cf7mls_step-6 “5. Sidebar: Amenities” “7. Sidebar: Local Attractions” “Step 7”]

    Step 7: Sidebar: Local Attractions

    [cf7mls_step cf7mls_step-7 “6. Sidebar: Rates & Sites” “8. Sidebar: Events” “Step 8”]

    Step 8: Sidebar: Events

    [cf7mls_step cf7mls_step-8 “7. Sidebar: Local Attractions” “9. Main Content: Welcome Text” “Step 9”]

    Step 9: Main Content: Welcome Text

    Please provide a few paragraphs about you and your campground to welcome your customers. Feel free to use the writing prompts below or answer them as completely as possible and we’ll put together the copy for you.

    [cf7mls_step cf7mls_step-9 “8. Sidebar: Events” “10. Main Content: Gallery” “Step 10”]

    Step 10: Main Content: Gallery

    Please upload the best quality images you can get of your campground. Usually 5-15 is enough. Too many images will slow down the page load speed. If you have preference for the image to be used in the header at the top of the page, please upload it first.

    [cf7mls_step cf7mls_step-10 “9. Main Content: Welcome Text” “11. Main Content: Reviews” “Step 11”]

    Step 11: Main Content: Reviews

    We’ll use your Google My Business and Trip Advisor listings to automatically retrieve reviews of your campground. Only reviews of 4-stars and higher will be shown.

    [cf7mls_step cf7mls_step-11 “10. Main Content: Gallery” “12. Footer: Affiliations” “Step 12”]

    Step 12: Footer: Affiliations

    [cf7mls_step cf7mls_step-12 “11. Main Content: Reviews” “13. Final Instructions” “Step 13”]

    Step 13: Final Instructions

    [cf7mls_step cf7mls_step-13 “12. Footer: Affiliations” “14. Final Check” “Step 14”]

    Step 14: Save

    That’s it. Please click the button to save your work but don’t close this window until you receive confirmation on screen that the form was submitted successfully. If you need time to gather or update a few of the items above please return to this form and add only those items.

    [cf7mls_step cf7mls_step-14 “13. Final Instructions” “”]

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